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New home - new setup


Setup 1

I recently moved in together with my girlfriend in a new appartment in a city outside Stockholm.

I then decided to revamp my desk setup, since I will be working more from home going forward. This is the result!

Setup 2



  • Desk. This desk is a 160x80cm sit-stand desk from a company called Brizely of Scandinavia. It's a very sturdy desk, and not too expensive at around $600.
  • Chair. This chair is definitely a special one. It's an ergonomic chair made for easier switching between sitting and standing. It's comfortable, but not for our hours on end, thus encouraging one to stand more.
  • Desk mat. High-quality desk mat for a good price from a company called Oakywood. I do wish it was a little bit bigger though!
  • Drawer. MICKE drawer unit from IKEA. This was not easy to build...
  • Water bottle. Don't know which brand it is really. But it's one of those ceramic, keep-your-water-cold-for-24-hours ones.

Setup 3


  • Lamp. A desk lamp from IKEA that has a nice warm light, provides you with a wireless charger, as well as a USB 3 port.
  • Camera. Sony A6000. Mostly use this as a webcam. For taking photos I use the Fujifilm x100v.
  • Charger. Belkin 2-in-1 charger from the Apple store. Works quite well when I do app development as well!
  • Keyboard. Ultimate Hacking Keyboard (v1). Best keyboard every in my opinion. I've tried endless of keyboards, and always come back to this one. I love it as a programmer, but I think it's great for writing as well. I wrote a review about it a few years ago. You can read that here.
  • Mouse. Logitech MX Ergo Pro. Not for everybody, but I like myself a trackball mouse with modern features.
  • Display. Apple Studio Display with high-adjustable stand. Highly recommend!


I really enjoy this new workspace. It fits me perfectly, and I don't think I will change much in the coming time. I hope you found this interesting, and perhaps even found some new toys for setup :)