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Product Ideas


  • Friends relations management platform (FRM/CRM for Friends)

  • Modern web development learning platform aimed towards high schools and universities initially in Sweden.

  • Advanced golf ranking dashboard

  • Software to see which books are available in a library. One tool for the libraries to specify which books are in at the moment, and one tool for civilians to inspect this list.

  • Specific marketplace for hiring and managing virtual assistants.

  • Document manager for civilians receiving physical documents from organisations like banks, hospitals etc. Like Kivra but with image recognition when uploading documents so you get sorting and filtering automatically on fields like dates.

  • Cloud sales people. Instead of hiring expensive sellers, hire sales people anywhere in the world that read into your company, and then help you with cold-calling potential customers.

  • Moving as a service. Like tip-tapp but for moving between apartments and houses. Initially just easy ordering of trucks for moving furniture.

  • Modern internal software for Swedish hospitals. Right now their tools are really really outdated, badly designed, and difficult to use. This is a very ambitious but necessary project.

  • Solving the huge issue of loneliness. This is already a huge issue, and will only become bigger and bigger. A more civilian version of something like Meetup?

  • Co-working spaces without any employees. Basically Amazon Go but for co-working spaces. Right now the process of becoming a member of a co-working space is pretty tedious. This would let you just easily choose how long you would like to stay, and what sort of membership you want, without talking to anyone. This could be a layer above all current co-working spaces.

  • Pay-as-you-go virtual assistants. Don't pay a fixed rate, but only pay for how much you use them. They'd basically be available 24/7 for smaller and perhaps more civilian tasks.

  • Easier subscription and billing integrations for online software tools. Right now it's pretty difficult to integrate subscriptions and payments inside of your tool as a frontend developer just building a side project. This could be some sort of layer above the project the customer is working on.

  • Third party scholarships. Instead of trying to get scholarships from schools you would get it from other companies and then the companies would get something in advance. This could be something like that they need to work there after school but for a lower rate for some time. This would make the student want to perform their best since they know they have someone invested in them personally.

  • Web platform for advanced stock insights. Similar to the proprietary wall street terminals you see in movies.

  • A platform for finding missing people. Each year millions of people go missing. This is a problem that really needs a solution.