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A Millennial’s Ideas About Building a Technology Company


Hand drawn light bulb illustration

I haven't worked on a whole lot of different places, but from the places I've worked at, these are some things I've taken away from my experiences. These are things that I would apply if I would start my own company in the future.

Tools and tech

  • Use Linear for issue tracking
  • Host code on GitHub (OSS?, then you might want to use GitHub issues instead)
  • Use Slack for communication (this would be open for customers as well)
  • Build a accessible component library using Tailwind (definitely make it OSS)
  • Bot that checks in on employees' mental health each week/day
  • Public change logs
  • Live streams for major releases where a couple of employees talk about what's new
  • Google suite for communication (unless something better comes along)
  • Build the API using REST and Prisma as ORM instead of GraphQL
  • Svelte or Next.js for front end
  • PostgreSQL for the database


  • Validate your idea (product market fit) before you invest too much
  • Have very clear scopes, start & end dates for projects
  • Test product and features with customers regularly
  • Talk with customers very regularly
  • Optimize for a remote culture but also promote in-office.
  • Grow organically as long as possible
  • Hack days
  • Off-sites