How to get Spotify in the terminal

Jul 06, 2020


This tutorial is mainly focused on how to get Spotify in the terminal on Mac OS machines. For Linux and Windows systems please see the official documentation for spotifyd and spotify-tui.


- You need to have a Spotify premium account.


brew install spotify

Now you need to configure spotifyd to use your Spotify account, otherwise nothing will happen.

vim ~/.config/spotifyd/spotifyd.conf

Now the spotifyd configuration should be ready to go. Spotifyd is only really the engine here. It acts as a replacement for something like spotify on your phone or laptop. You could use spotify-tui without spotifyd but that kind of defeats its purpose. Let's move on to setting up spotify-tui


brew install spotify-tui

Start listening to music

First run the spotify daemon

spotifyd --no-daemon

And then open a new spotify-tui instance



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