Cypress continuous integration with Github actions

Jun 25, 2020


A couple of weeks ago I spent quite some time writing end 2 end tests using Cypress for a new app I was working on. When I got my integration tests done I realised they didn't fill a lot of purpose unless they ran in my continous integration environment. I tried getting Cypress integrated with CircleCi and Travid CI for quite some time but never actually succeeded.

After some googling I found out Cypress had created a custom Github Action for running Cypress integration tests everytime you push your code up to your repository. At this point I had never actually even created or used any Github Action at all, so I was a bit afraid of trying it out. But here's what I did to get it up and running, and so can you!

In your project, create a folder called .github and add a config yml file inside of it.

And add the following content inside of the file:

Commit change, push, and wait

Commit this change, go to the Actions tab on your repository, and wait for the first integration test to start running.

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