I'm a 22 y/o guy from a city outside Stockholm. I have always been very creative, and loved to draw, paint, and build things growing up.

I got introduced to programming in high school and got really hooked on it. I started paying a lot of attention in class, and taught myself more at home. I would spend bus rides to and home from school working on small programs and websites, and even forget getting of at my stop. That's how amused I was of it all.

I worked a lot to learn the fundamentals of web development, and even managed to get my first developer job at a small startup in my city when I was only 17 years old. I would go over to the office in between classes, and stay late nights working on our product. I loved it but I worked way too much...

Today, after working at a larger company for a couple of years, I am back to a smaller company with similar ambitions to modernize the recruiting industry. I quite like it, and I think I will stay for some time.

In my spare time I like to surround myself with like-minded people who really love tech and design as much as I do. I enjoy going to (and organizing) meetups, building open source software, and teaching others to code. When I'm not at the computer, I enjoy spending time with friends, rock-climbing, eating good food, and traveling.

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Albin at valentine's day Albin playing golf Albin wining a hackathon
Albin in Stockholm Old Town Albin helping out while moving offices

What do I do?

Most of the work I do involves the web in some sort of way. I am not especially bound to any specific framework, because I have really good foundational knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I do however have around 4 years of experience working professionally with React. Something new I'm trying out the moment is a new web framework called Svelte. It's pretty cool!

I would say I am a fairly well rounded software developer, and can work on both ends of the web stack, the front- and back-end. Back-end wise I am pretty familiar with both NoSQL databases, as SQL ones. In my work I've both written a lot of REST API:s, and a little bit of GraphQL as well.

Since I have a good foundation of programming knowledge, I can easily adapt to new technologies, tools, and strategies.

Wanna get in touch? Hit me up on Twitter →