Who am I

I am a he/him born and raised in a city around 1 hour away from Stockholm, Sweden. I have always been a very creative person, who loved drawing, painting, and building things at a early age.

I got introduced to programming in high school and got really hooked on it. I started paying a lot of attention in class, and taught myself even more outside of school. I'd spend bus rides to and home from school working on small programs and websites, and even forget getting of at my stop. That's how amused I was of it all.

I worked my ass off and managed to get my first developer job at a small startup when I was 17 years old, while I was still in high school. I'd go over to the office in between classes, and stay late nights working on our product. I loved it but I worked way too much, without the business ever really taking off.

Today, after working at a larger company for a couple of years, I am back to a smaller company with similiar ambitions to modernize the recruiting industry, using technology. I quite like it, and I think I will stay for some time.

What do I do

The web is really in my core, and most of my creations are in fact for it. I am not tied to any specific frameworks, but I have a lot of experience with React. I have a really strong foundational knowledge of HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, and Typescript. I'm currently getting into Svelte, which I really enjoy, and think will be the next big popular framework in web development.

I am a fairly well rounded software developer, and can work on "both" ends of the stack, the front- and back-end. Back-end wise I am very familiar with both NoSQL databases, as SQL ones. I've both written a lot of REST API:s, and a little bit of GraphQL as well.

Since I have a good foundation of programming knowledge, I can easily adapt to new technologies, tools, and strategies.